Mobilize and Convince Stakeholders of EA Activities

In 2016, a group of 20 members of Club Urba-EA, representing 17 large organizations, shared their experiences of the challenges, practices and tactics to Mobilize and Convince Stakeholders involved in the course of Enterprise Architecture activities.

Hereunder is the summary of their findings et recommendations.

=>Architects must acknowledge the need for an effective management of all stakeholders involved in their activities and should integrate an appropriate approach as part of their working practices

To efficiently develop its activities and demonstrate its value, EA must also focus on mobilizing and convincing all parties involved in the development of the scenarios and those impacted by the proposed outcomes.

Identifying and understanding each one professional drivers, as well as personal motivations, is required to best adapt EA working process and improve scenarios, considering the diversity of viewpoints and bringing them together around common objectives, while securing key players support and overcoming as much resistance as possible.

Although there is no “magic formula” applying to all situations, practices exist that have fed the workgroup approach based on 3 simple clues, WHO, WHAT/WHY, HOW

Mobilize and Convince Stakeholders of EA Activities (Extrait)

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